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Tshienda Publications was established in 2015. We specializes in publishing books for first and second time authors. Our purpose is to promote reading and writing to all ages. We run developmental programmes such as, Healing Writing Workshops, Creative Writing Workshops, Performance Poetry Workshops and Life Skills Development Programmes, I’ve worked in the previous disadvantage arears for years and came across brilliant literature lovers, who have the most amazing stories of survival , healing and overcoming great struggle, but they don’t have anyone to guide them and publish their stories. As a survivor of abuse and many unwelcome challenges God lead me to use all my pain and struggle as my tools to help navigate the people who does not have a voice yet. It is important to educate women and men that nothing is personal, but we are going through certain seasons for a Godly reason. We must learn to trust in God with all our hearts, minds and plans.

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