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We are communication experts. We guide businesses on how to develop strong internal relationships with their teams at various levels an their external audiences. We do this through coaching at a 1-2-1 level and in groups as well as through marketing & communication strategies, brand engagement and story telling whether through platforms such as social media or activations and brand building workshops. We help people build confidence and change the conversations they’re having both with themselves & others by shifting their perspective so they can reframe their realities. We debunk false beliefs and help you breakthrough self limiting mindsets so that you can recover and become your best you.

This sounds fancy when in truth, we unlock the power in you to show up with authenticity, power & poise, being fully present – as a brand or as a person and empower you to navigate the terrain ahead with confidence, intentionality and purpose. Nothing changes until we change so we invite you to think different, to grow in understanding & knowledge of yourself, your audience, your clients, your family and colleagues and we challenge you to apply your learnings and remain accountable; so that what you say and what you do align. The result: well hopefully you walk out of our sessions with principles, structure, direction, wisdom for life and business that you actively shaped and prescribe to. We also partner with individuals and organizations looking to create an environment of recovery and freedom for those in active addiction: whether that be drugs, abuse, porn, social media, toxic thoughts, eating disorder or narcissistic-codependant relationships and other. We do not handle suicide cases. We love a good coffee and a chat, so if this interests you, give us a shout to connect. Natasha, founder of Modism

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