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Astute Executive Basic Coaching Package 7 Haven Avenue

Astute Executive Coaching is designed to support you if you want to lead yourself or others more effectively, in order to achieve new outcomes. The process is underpinned by the completion of a world-renowned strengths assessment and a leadership assessment.

Coaching explores the impact of your strengths on the challenge or opportunity on which you choose to focus. The Astute Executive coach assists you to clarify your goals, encourages deep personal insight, challenges underlying assumptions, develops your competence and supports the implementation of your action plans.

The PLUS and COMPREHENSIVE options provide a more detailed strengths assessment and additional coaching sessions for more in depth understanding and consideration. The BASIC Astute Executive Coaching package includes: • World-renowned strengths assessment (reveals top 5 strengths) • Leadership assessment (reveals intra/ entrepreneurial strengths) • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions focused on leadership development and business goals.

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