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Africa Business Hub

Africa business hub is a digital platform for Entrepreneurs to explore other business/brands in Africa. It allows businesses to connect & grow throughout the continent and abroad. This platform make it easier for a brand to network, market, promote and advertise. Africa business hub offers you a professional user friendly profile platform to allow you to insert your general business information just like any other business social platform i.e. (LinkedIn, Facebook). Your business profile Africa business hub was introduced on the 30th January 2020 at profound conference Centre, Sandton at a business hangout seminar hosted by an amazingly thinker, Les Nagana founder of Africa business hub. Les came up with this brilliant idea as he had lot of connections, that’s when he decided to implement a platform to share all his business contacts with others due to high demand from people requesting to be connected to other potential contacts or professions in a very smart and professional digital manner. All this will be happening on Africa business hub website and mobile application that will be introduced in June 2020. LesVibe in association with Internet streaming, Computech, and Apex Development are the makers and groomers for future business in Africa, no doubt about middle man, 100% profit guaranteed.

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