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9131 Keele St Unit B1, Vaughan, ON L4K 0G7, Canada

Digital Marketing Agency Markham is a full service digital marketing agency specialising in Social Media, SEO and Paid Search. The Agency is a non-profit company...

Johannesburg, South Africa

Readbiblewithme is a Christian Women ministry platform by Linta Anish, along with a podcast “elohimimi” for podcast lovers.

Where we share Bible Studies, Thoughts, motivational speakings. And also we bring many Born Again women & Men to share the word of God as holy spirit guides them, for other women.

She started this endevor to fullfill her Mum’s dream of sharing word of God among women for her. But, eventually her mum were unable to move forward because of her health issues. The platform went silent. And Linta was also suffering from “Depression” because of Joblessness. And later she developed “Post Partum Depression” too, where she struggled all along, because of the marriage struggles too.

The long story short, one sweet night, Lord Jesus Christ provides her his peace and there after, her depression came dowm slowly. And all this struggle took 7 years to heal.

All praise to our Lord Jesus Christ, because everything is his hand. And so, she dedicated her part of time for Women minstry, to share the word of God among women and developed a small prayer group among family to pray for each other, because she wanted to suppport women who struggles alot but cannot share it out loud. So the prayer group is very much among family.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Linta, is a self taught illustrator (Online Shop owner), Entrepreneur (Youtbe & IG), Christian Women Ministry Speaker, where we bring many christian women together to...

83 Valley Drivve

Chemistry of Leadership Chemistry of Teams Chemistry of Faith...

Maryland, USA

Sharpen your knowledge of famous Bible characters with Heroes 2, the ultimate Bible trivia game. You'll be hooked as you answer questions about these real-life...

South Africa

GENERAL BUILDING: Building of Foundations, Aprons and Brickwork, Erection Roofs, Internal and External Plumbing, Painting, Tiling. CIVIL ENGINEERING: Road Construction, Road Tarmac, Roadway Tar Surfacing, Concrete,...

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Best Performance Excellence System by far ...