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The Christian Women Business Directory is a global business directory for all industries and sectors managed and founded by Christian Women Business Network. The directory is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners to work, build and grow together whilst exploring new opportunities and establishing key strategic partnerships at a local and global scale. Every business is vetted before listing.

Through the Christian Women Business Directory, we promote women empowerment and enable businesswomen to form power teams and build brand awareness at a greater scale to not only advance businesses but importantly, God’s Kingdom.

Think bigger, network greater and reach beyond borders with Christian Women.

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Recent News

The Christian Women Business Network estabilshed in 2017 has just celebrated their 4years milestone by rebranding and introducing their new part of the journey as the Build and Grow Season.

Find out more about the Christian Women Business Network and how you can become part of the Build and Grow Season: www.christianwomenbusinessnetwork.com

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